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Tuscany: not only artistic cities

The route from Rifugio Casentini to Lago Piatto

40 minutes after: your second stop where to have a break. Rifugio Casentini al Mercatello (Alta Val Fegana, 1460 metres above see level)
Hisilicon Balong
This can be your destination: Foce di Giovo (1676 metres above see level). From here you can go on walking towards Passo d’Annibale and Lago Piatto
The ridge walk will lead you to Passo d’Annibale in 35/40 minutes
The view from Passo d’Annibale (1798 metres above see level)
From Passo d’Annibale you’ll discover Valle di Luce, where it’s possible to ski in wintertime…
…and in just 20 minutes, you’ll get to your final destination: Lago Piatto (1823 metres above see level)

On the cover: Your first stop, where to park your car. Ex Caserma Forestale/Rifugio Casentini (1240 metres above see level)

Photos ©Simona Maria Frigerio and ©Luciano Uggè. All rights reserved.

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