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Woman, life, freedom

The black hand of the West

by Association Donna Vita Libertà – Florence/Italy

In 1979, a revolution was underway in Iran against the monarchical dictatorship system. Since the situation had become irreversible, the major western countries agreed in the Guadalupe Conference on the management of the situation. They established a relationship with Khomeini, moved him to Paris, from where they propagated the “Discourses under the Apple Tree”, a famous interview. They strengthened the religious front in his favor, organized the deception of Iranian national-democratic and leftist fighters, to abuse Iran for more than forty years and weaken it as a regional power, thus strengthening the countries in Western pay. Until today there was no reason not to follow the same path of fraud and theft.

Consider that during the 44 years of dictatorial government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a large number of popular movements against the Islamic Republic of Iran were formed, for different reasons and with different slogans, punctually suppressed in the most violent forms possible, such as the October 2019 movement with more than 1,500 dead.

Despite this, in all these years, Western democratic countries have continued their balanced relations with the regime of the Islamic Republic, regardless of the rights of the Iranian people. We recall, for example, the trip of European political women to Iran wearing the Islamic hijab, or the covering up of the nudes of the ancient Italian statues by the Italian government during the visit of the Iranian president.

But this time, the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement, which began on September 16, 2022 following the killing of a Kurdish girl – Mahsa Amini – in Tehran by the Irshad patrol, surpassed all previous movements in terms of content and quality, and was led by young women and accompanied by young men. He specifically and clearly proposed to overthrow of the existing dictatorial regime, the separation of religion from politics and government, the creation of a secular and democratic society.

Photo by Iran Human Rights

The depth and modernity of the concepts and slogans of this movement, especially in relation to gender equality and the rights of women and LGBT people, have given this movement global dimensions. A movement once again repressed, causing more than 500 deaths and thousands of political prisoners in a few months.

This movement has mobilized the large Iranian emigrant community abroad – some 8 million people – in support of the movement inside Iran.

This broad support from Iranians around the world has garnered global attention and made think tanks of world trigger about protecting the interests of their governments and big corporations. The first reaction was to create disunity and factionalism among foreign forces to reduce the impact of the movement on public opinion, and at the same time protect and blackmail the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. With this aim, campaigns were launched in support of the monarchists and Reza Pahlavi who, by creating committees and statutes among the right-wing forces, tried to accredit themselves as representatives of the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement, which had the effect to disunite the external movements from the country, has reduced the size of the demonstrations, with a consequent negative impact also on the internal movements of Iran.

Now, with the street movement becoming calmer inside, the theocratic regime of Iran is trying to suppress and create fear through large-scale executions and pressure on different minorities like Kurds, Baluchi, Azeris, Arabs, etc… The regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran regularly conducts illegal and show trials, without a defensive lawyer, and quickly executes these young men. On the other hand, despite the reduction of street protests, the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement deepens and becomes a real revolution through civil disobedience, primarily against the compulsory hijab and to influence trade union movements and of the workers.

Let’s hope they don’t steal the Revolution from our people again.

Saturday, 3 June 2023 – n°22/2023

On the cover: photo by Brett Morrison – CC BY 2.0

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