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Touching the sky

Track 6 from Fornovolasco to Foce di Petrosciana

Springs and sparkling water all over
The waterfall close to an ancient mill is a perfect place for a spider web
Chiesaccia. The ruins of an ancient church (built before XIII century)
Your destination: Foce di Petrosciana, 961 metres above sea level
Changing your way back, you can catch Track 131. In half an hour you’ll arrive at Casa del Monte, 923 metres above sea level
Take Track 6 to Fornovolasco but be careful because many trees have fallen along the path
On the way to Lucca, take e stop at Ponte della Maddalena (aka the Devil’s Bridge) at Borgo a Mozzano

On the cover: The view on your route to Foce di Petrosciana. All photos ©Simona Maria Frigerio and ©Luciano Uggè. All rights reserved.

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